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George Austin, Website Doctor, Marketing Writer

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George Austin, Website Doctor, Marketing Writer

Here's Why the Website Diagnostic Can Help You

SEO helps get your website found. And dazzling graphics catch the eye. But, a successful website needs more. This sample diagnostic measures your site's magnetic marketing muscle using the game-changing  4-U Formula. This formula will show you the secrets how to keep visitors on your site, get them to "Click Here", pull out their credit card, and capture their email before they leave!

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Who Is George Austin?

Website Marketing Doctor


Got an expensive website that still under performs? That's because hi-tech can't overcome poor marketing. My 35+ point diagnostic will tell you the real reason people don't click, subscribe, or buy. Magnify your site's pulling power.

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Direct Response Copywriter


Success in any marketing comes from persuasive writing that engages prospects. The writing must focus on driving action. Twenty years in the financial world sharpened my skills at transforming 

bland subjects and marketing into 

customer magnets.

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Marketing Consultant


Do you grasp how human nature forms the essential oil of marketing? Few do. To help remedy that, I've held numerous workshops to help businesses stop repeating the same expensive marketing mistakes and begin attracting customers - regardless whether the media used is digital or print.

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BONUS TIP - What's The Biggest Mistake Website Owners Make?

Using traditional journalist-trained writers who

typically choke the customer pulling power of a high tech website.

That's Because They Don't Know the Insider Marketing Secrets How to Attract, Persuade, & Engage 

Your Page Visitors, Prospects, and Customers

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Website Diagnostic Testimonials

Mona's Webs (5 Star Review)

Outstanding value! Customized report. I look forward to working with him again! Thanks, Mona."   

Chris Han (5 Star Review)

"I am very impressed with George's honest and detailed analysis of what works and what needs improvement on the website. He had added valuable pointers and elaborated on each point! Definitely someone to reach out to if you are looking for web analysis!"

Colz InfoBiz (5 Star Review)

 "Thanks heaps for the comprehensive report...really clear and targeted advice to lift the site's overall viability in the SERPS."  

BelieveWristBands (5 Star Review)

"Some great food for thought. Will definitely revise our site with your recommendations. Great stuff!"

Le Martinez0309 (5 Star Review)

"Great value delivered as promised. George is the real deal and knows his stuff." 

Cookie and Bean (5 Star Review)

"ABOVE and BEYOND!!! Excellent service. Got exactly what I needed...a great resource!"  

The 4-U Formula Has a Powerful History

The sample diagnostic examines your site using the 4-U Formula. For years Agora Publishing struggled to grow over $100 million - until they developed the 4-U system. Almost instantly their marketing doubled & tripled its sales & conversion power. Profits shot up & the rest is history! 

The 4-U formula can also make your website more persuasive, engaging, and productive!

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Marketing Copywriting Testimonials

Sandy Franks, Executive Publisher, Taipan Group, LLC

"Hi George, I think you've got something here. Your tone is good as well as the conversational style... "

Vern Harper, General Manager WMEL Talk Radio 1300 AM

"You're brilliant. You did an excellent job of communicating the benefits of talk radio in the sales material you did for us. I'm thrilled at the quality of your work."  

Bill McCready, Principle www.futurestradingsecrets.com

"I am very happy with the quality and expertise used to develop my auto responder emails. Your work was timely, professional and completed ahead of the schedule we set. Thank you for a great job. I will definitely use you again for my other projects and recommend you highly 

Tom Robbins, Owner, Digitex Office Solutions

"You really are a pro in what you do...the materials and ideas that you have provided for Digitex have made it easier for us to ...close the sale in a non-obtrusive way." 

Aili Melton, In-Design Studio

"I recommend him (George) for any business that could use a boost, especially in this economic environment." 

Nina Carmen, President Choice Electric Inc.

  "I can not begin to put in words George's expertise.   He the man for any advertising job you have...thanks George"

There Is No Charge For Your 15 Minute Complimentary Review Of What the 4-U Formula Reveals

The Diagnostic, The Review, The Formula. You Get Them All Without Cost Or Obligation.

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Marketing Workshop Testimonials

Beth Courtney, UBS Financial

"Picked up some great tips for effectively communicating our message…"  

Robert Crowe, Union America Mortgage, Merritt Island

"I enjoy the tips out of the "How To Communicate Your Message With Power". It has opened my eyes to what I have been doing wrong in my marketing."  

Ree Foley, Regional Manager Hibiscus Dental


“Several tips and jewels made me reverse my thinking to put myself in buyer’s shoes, not in seller’s shoes.”

Paula Beyer, Fresh Air from Florida

"Very organized, kept my attention. I have had many seminars in my company and this stands out!"  

Valerie Saurer

"George, your seminar was awesome! I learned quite a bit about the psychology of marketing, but more importantly I learned it in a form that I could put to immediate use...As Chamber Ambassador I will be encouraging everyone I mentor to attend your seminar..."  

Heather Mowad, Henegar Center, Marketing Director.

"lots of great tools for how to cut through the clutter and focus

 your message.”

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Include Your Website Address, Keywords, and Contact Info


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